From bulk enquiries to questions about waterproofing, I’ll add & answer as many general queries here as I can.

What’s the difference between Polymer Clay & Air Dry Clay?

Polymer clay consists of non-toxic polymers and is baked and cured within an oven. Air dry clay is primarily paper and is left out to dry and harden.

I’ve worked with both types and whilst I love the texture of the air dry stuff, it is extremely fragile. It’s not waterproof and any design applied on top can easily be removed with just a drop of water. Air dry can be dissolved in water too.

So are they sturdy?

Polymer clay is stronger than people think. And much less fragile than air dry. I’ve tried and tested my pieces in different environments, I’ve dropped them and even cycled them through a washing machine.

What about waterproof?

Any of my black & white (monochrome) ranges or coloured clay with a black imprint are 100% waterproof. Generally, anything with a colour-effect surface or finish such as ombre is not suitable for water. But it is always best to ask.

Do you offer bulk discounts?

Yes, I have a discount structure in place for the gift tag & packaging range. All listings where discounts are available have a breakdown of the quantity, % saved and cost per unit.

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