Stamp & cookie cutter collector hoarder. Weird addiction, I know! Welcome to my unique & colourful “World of Claycraft”.

What to expect

There’s a MASSIVE love for rainbows, metallics, nature & patterns here at the Rustic Craft House so lot’s of different items centered around those themes. I’m learning all the time and try new & interesting techniques regularly.

Currently, my main focus is making business name & phrase props and miniature clays. Anything to make your pictures pretty.

Bit of history

The Rustic Tag House (as I was once known) started life over on Facebook creating custom made business name props for fellow page owners. I was the original creator of the clay phrase prop and those miniature clay props for product picture display.

Since 2015 I’ve explored many different paths for my business from custom cut vinyls to logo stamps. In the summer of 2018 I made the decision to start afresh. I changed name to Rustic Craft House and switched to resin jewellery. I had a lot of fun with that however I am very impatient and found I couldn’t wait so long for an end result.

Polymer clay all the way!

I only use high quality, polymer clay in all my work. I’ve worked with air dry clay for years and whilst I love it’s beautiful rustic texture, I don’t find it suitable for anything long lasting.

Air dry clay is so brittle, you drop that on the floor and it will either chip or completely shatter. It’s also very easily dented and scratched and is not suitable for getting wet.

Polymer clay gives strength and durability to every piece and most of the items I create are waterproof.

The #TagLady

If you have any questions at all please do message me, I’m really very nice and always happy to help

Gem x TagLady

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