Combining my love for that amazing shiny resin stuff and the freedom of creating with clay, I make unique pieces by hand from my wee home in London.


Gemma Wild (aka the TagLady)
Gemma Wild (aka the TagLady)

The Rustic Tag House began life on Facebook customising business name props for fellow page owners. I was the original creator of the clay phrase prop and mini clay props for product picture display.

Since 2015 I’ve explored many different paths for my business from custom cut vinyls to logo stamps. In the summer of 2018 I made the decision to start afresh. I changed name to Rustic Craft House and introduced resin to the range. My main focus now is to create a positive environment filled full of happiness and colour.

Today I offer the things I love to make in both clay and resin. Custom made & personalised items will return at a later date. The email list is the best place to stay updated with news.


I only use high quality, polymer clay in all my work. I’ve worked with air dry clay for years and whilst I love it’s beautiful rustic texture, I don’t find it suitable for anything.

Air dry clay is so brittle, you drop that on the floor and it will either chip or completely shatter. It’s also very easily dented and scratched and is not suitable for outdoors.

Polymer clay gives strength and durability to every piece and most of the items I create are waterproof.


All my resin pieces are poured with non-toxic, high-end epoxy. This gives clear, virtually bubble free results and doesn’t give off any smell.

My first attempts at resin came well before my daughter was born and they were a disaster! I tried the UV stuff because of the quick cure time (and because I’m impatient). I can see the appeal but boy, does it pong. It’s prone to yellowing over time too.

I make things to last and select good quality materials for all my work.

If you have any questions at all please do message me, I’m really very nice and always happy to help ;)

Gem x TagLady

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