In 2015 the Rustic Tag House opened it’s doors on Facebook creating customised business name tags for fellow page owners. Things grew so quickly and now I specialise in props for creating pretty product pictures as well as decorative items for the home & office.

In 2017 I branched out into handmade stamps. These include packaging & business stamps as well as designs for use in craft works and personal stationery.

How It All Began

The Munchkin & Me
The Munchkin & Me
My story isn’t that much different from many other handmade businesses. Whilst getting to grips with becoming a first-time parent, I needed something to do in between looking after my sleepy bundle of joy ❤

Many moons before, I used to make jewellery under the names of Pink Garden and Indie Handmade. Naturally I started looking at ideas for this again and scouring tonnes of YouTube video’s (as you do when researching anything nowadays). Bang! There it was, my introduction into clay tags. My imagination ran wild and my business was born.

Rustic Tag House consists of just me, Gemma Wild and the little munchkin. She mainly prods stuff and hangs clay clouds on door handles.

Tags, Props & Personalised Clay

Clay Business Name Tags And Picture Props - Rustic Tag House
Clay Business Name Tag, Phrase Props & Stamp
Since journeying into clay, I’ve developed an unhealthy “collecting habit” for cookie cutters and stamps. I’ve amassed over 200 different shapes in a large array of lovely themes to cover almost any occasion.

Each clay tag is custom made to suit you in your choice of shape, colour and pattern. You can even add a touch of the sparkly stuff if you like.

Business Name Tags

A clay business name tag helps to promote your brand in a very unique, handmade way. Place in product photo’s and you have an instant and recognisable watermark.

Personalised Clay

My personalised clay makes unique gifts for loved ones. Commission something special for your own home or keepsake decorations to mark or celebrate any occasion. I have shapes for christenings, weddings, new baby, Easter, Christmas and so many more.

Picture Props

Along with the business name tags, I also make miniature pieces of clay to dress up your product photography. You can see examples of these wee props in most of my own product pictures.

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